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:: TA- satellite, Wireless Bluetooth Accelerometer

TA Satellite is a system for measuring acceleration, inclination and detecting vibration in various applications. In particular the system has been developed to acquire and store acceleration data on your PC (text or binary files) for successive elaborations.


The system is composed of two elements:

>> TA Satellite: Wireless module equipped with a triaxial accelerometer

>> TA Satellite Recorder: Software for data acquisition and recording

TA satellite communicates with the receiving PC through a standard Bluetooth Connection (class I, 100 mt range open space).


  • Acceleration monitoring
  • Tilt monitoring
  • Vibration detection
  • Sport medicine applications
  • Sport performance measures
  • Movement analysis
  • Alarm system design
  • Smart objects development
  • Security systems design
  • Generic movement study in various application fields

With TA Satellite Recorder Software you can visualize and record the received data in real time. Data are saved to disk in various formats (raw, text, binary, g units) for successive elaborations. You can use your preferred Analysis Software (Matlab (tm), Mathcad (tm), Excel (tm), SPSS (tm), Splus (tm), Mathematica (tm), etc…) to process the acquired signals.

If you need special analysis software, our engineers can develop applications for you in many programming languages or using major analysis tools.

A standard version (package for 9V battery) is available. Various packages and enclosures are available for the wireless accelerometer unit to meet specific requests or applications (3 AAA batteries version, 3 AA/1AA version, 1 AA and 2 AA), custom packages for Lithium batteries, with mounting ears, clips, din-rail mounting, various protection ratings  for use in open-air environments,  various enclosures for all applications). Please contact us for custom on-demand packages or solutions.

Contact us for info, requests, questions, custom systems.


Characteristic Value Unit
Acceleration axis X, Y, Z
Acceleration range +/- 1.5, +/- 2.0, +/- 4.0, +/- 6.0 g
Operating Temperature Range - 40, +85 °C
Sensitivity (typ. 25°C)
  • R 1.5  800
  • R 2.0  600
  • R 4.0  300
  • R 6.0  200
Bandwidth (f-3db)
  • X: 350
  • Y: 350
  • Z: 150
Sampling Freq.  5 - 500 Samples/s per channel
Recording formats
  • raw, binary
  • raw, text
  • g, binary
  • g, text
Wireless Connection Standard Bluetooth, class I ( 100 m. range/open space)
Bluetooth Spec. Version 1.1, serial port profile
Power supply model spec.
PC Software (required) TA Satellite Recorder v. 1.00 for Windows(tm) OS
PC requirements · 500 MHz processor· 256 Mb RAM memory· Disk space (5MB for the program) + free space for data recording· Operating System: Windows (tm) 98, ME, NT, XP, Windows Vista (tm)· Bluetooth Integrated Device or Bluetooth USB Dongle installed
Dimensions model spec. (custom)
Weigth model spec. (custom)
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